Buddug (pronounced bu-th-ig) Humphreys is orginally from Snowdonia area of North Wales, studied and lived in East London from 2002 - 2015 and is now living in Cardiff.

Her Welsh upbringing is a large inspiration to her work. The Welsh countryside, welsh literature and culture, feeds into her work.

Buddug studied jewellery and silversmithing at London Metropolitan University in 2002, lived in Hackney and opened a shop with Jessie Chorley until July 2015 and up sticked back to Wales, to the capital, Cardiff.

Enamelling is the technique Buddug is best known for, a method of melting glass on copper, silver or steel. She layers enamel and draws into these layers in-between firings.

Buddug keeps a sketchbook diary to gather ideas and inspiration; It is filled with interesting words, magazine snippets and drawings of objects from all around, anything I spot that triggers the imagination.

All aspects of craft - sewing, woodworking etc.are enjoyed by Buddug and by looking back though old sketchbooks she can combine the craft with her ideas and to bring these ideas to life.